Patinad 1971 Chevy in Mo’ Fun Green

71 Chevy Short Bed

71 Chevy Short Bed 71 Chevy Short Bed 71 Chevy Short Bed 71 Chevy Short Bed71 Chevy Short Stepside Bed

A patinad truck isn’t everyone’s preference, but variety is what makes the classic truck world go around and around. This wild ride is just such a truck, sporting the worn look and giving you a hint of what it might become in the future, or not. I think that’s what people like the most about them, other than they’re just plain fun. The patinad trucks are good as is, or maybe one day they’ll get a smooth coat of new paint. Either way, these types of trucks are a great way to build a driver, build a foundation to do more with later and not really care if someone steps on the bedside step!

  • Engine: LS Swap
  • Fuel Tank: Custom Saddle Bag Style – Bed Mounted
  • Suspension: Lowered
  • Wheels: 5 Spoke – 19″ Front – 20″ Rear
  • Paint: Original – Patinad
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