Ford Flathead Serpentine Conversion


New from March Performance is their new Ford Flathead Serpentine Conversion. Modernize your old Flatty with the look and functionality of a modern serpentine...
Small Block Ford Engine Cylinder Numbering

Small Block Ford Firing Order

Here's a handy little chart to have around. Below is the firing order of the 289, 302 and 351 small block engines. 289 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 302 (Pre-1982) 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 5.0 &...
Exterior Balanced Damper

Internally or Externally Balanced Engine?

How do you know if your engine is internally or externally balanced? Externally balanced engines have a noticeable weight on both the damper (also...

How Much Carburetor Do You Need?

Here's a simple formula that most speed shops use to size a basic carburetor to an engine. Carburetor CFM = (Engine RPM x Engine Cubic...
SBC - Small Block Chevy Engine Firing Order Cylinder Arrangement

Small & Big Block Chevy Firing Order & Cylinder Arrangement

The (SBC) Small Block & (BBC) Big Block Chevy firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 Rotor spins clockwise when looking down from the top at it. Cylinder Arrangement:...
AN Hose End & Braided Hose

AN Hose Fitting Sizes Explained

Maybe you haven't realized a few things about AN hose fittings. "AN" stands for "Army Navy", in reference to their original application with military...
MSD Flathead Distributor

Update that old Flathead ignition with an MSD Flathead Distributor

Your old Flathead may not be sparking so well anymore. Try this MSD distributor on your Flathead Ford. Link to MSD MSD Specifications and Information: Early Flathead...

E-Rod LC9 5.3 Liter – Crate Engine Package On A Budget

Looking for a modern high performance bolt in engine option on a budget? The new 5.3 Liter E-Rod from Chevy Performance (formerly GM Performance Parts)....

GM Performance Engines – 350 Turn-Key

You won’t go broke finishing off your project car with a GM Performance Parts 350 HO Turn-Key crate engine! It’s packed with all the features...

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