Unbelievable 1968 Chevy C10


The 2016 GoodGuys show in Columbus Ohio was full of gorgeous and unique trucks. This was my favorite truck. Starting with a 68 Chevy C10, a custom frame was built riding on a coil over suspension. You would think it’s bagged, but nope! The ride height is low and looks right. Under the hood is a smoothed out engine compartment with an LS3 hooked to a 4L60 transmission. The thing you notice about this truck are the subtle details. Up front, the cowl section near the hood was shortened toward the windshield and metal was added to the back of the hood. This makes the hood longer and has a cool effect on the proportions of the truck. In the rear, the bed was widened slightly in the back to take out the natural taper. Added to the gate was an extension that you might describe as a duck tail. It’s very slight, but is a great way to finish off the tailgate to give it a unique look.




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