Update that old Flathead ignition with an MSD Flathead Distributor

MSD Flathead Distributor

MSD Flathead DistributorYour old Flathead may not be sparking so well anymore. Try this MSD distributor on your Flathead Ford.

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MSD Specifications and Information:

Early Flathead racers and cruisers alike will be excited to see these front mount Flathead Distributors! These distributors are built around a CNCmachined billet aluminum housing for precise tolerances. The distributor is topped off with our own Crab Cap with spark plug style terminals for improved wire connections. Just under the cap and Rynite race rotor is MSD’s adjustable mechanical advance. This assembly features chromoly construction with TIG-welded weight pins to secure the precision fine blanked weights. MSD supplies different advance springs and stop bushings so you can dial-in an advance curve to meet your Flathead’s specs. Just under the advance is MSD’s race-proven magnetic pick-up. This pickup, combined with a reluctor, produces accurate trigger signals that are responsible for firing the MSD Ignition Control. Bring your Flathead up-todate with MSD performance.


  • Designed for 1949-1953 8-BA Ford Flathead engines
  • Simple and clean installation with only three wires to connect
  • Powerful built-in module produces a 7.5 amp single spark through high rpm
  • Easy-to-adjust mechanical advance with supplied springs and stop bushings
  • Vacuum advance canister for improved economy (can be locked out)
  • Maintenance-free magnetic pickup and precision reluctor create stable trigger signals throughout the rpm range
  • CNC machined billet aluminum housing and billet aluminum base
  • Polished steel shaft is QPQ coated and guided by a sealed ball bearing
  • Advance plate and weights are fine blanked from chrome moly steel and QPQ coated for friction reduction
  • Mechanical advance assembly can be locked out for crank trigger systems
  • Advance weight pins are staked and tig welded to the plate
  • Nylon pads ensure smooth operation of the advance weights
  • Supplied with an HEI style distributor cap, rotor, gear, roll pin and setup spacer
  • Accepts Cap-A-Dapts
  • Does not require an MSD Ignition Control
  • No CARB Exemption Order Number
  • Includes built-in Rev Limiter!
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