Hot Rod Tennessee Reaper – 56 Ford Panel Truck

56 Ford Panel Truck

We see our share of themed hot rods throughout the car show season. To be honest, they’re hard to build. Some concepts are just too over the top or just not done well. We saw this 56 sitting out back in the perfect location to shoot it. We nicknamed it the Hot Rod TN Reaper. An all black paint job sets the tone with a light painted hot rod theme down the side of the spacious panel truck. That’s probably one of those take-it or leave-it type items, but it’s a theme, and lots of people loved it.

We didn’t get too much info on it, but we could see it’s running fatty Hoosiers out back and disc brakes up front. Exhaust was routed out the body in front of the back wheels. Drip edges and both bumpers were shaved, and the front of the running boards were fitted tightly to the front fender to give this truck a smooth look.

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