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Koul Tools™ Are Our Tools of the Week

Koul Tools Kit
Koul Tools Kit - Photo Courtesy of Koul Tools

Assembling braided stainless lines with hose ends can be a tiring experience. It takes a lot of practice and wasted hose ends, unless you have a KOULtool™.

From the KOULtools™ Website:

“KOULtools™ are simple to use and will save time and fingers from the frayed ends of a braided hose .

After choosing the correct “KOULtool™” for your fittings socket size, simply place the socket and adaptor ( if required ) into the “KOULtools™” and clamp it into a vise.

Lube the funnel entrance and twist the hose into the socket.

Contact: Koul Tools LLC
Phone(928) 854-6706



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